White Label

BOC Beds specializes in making White Label beds to our Customers with the following particulars;

Danish Warranty on the beds
Danish Inspection on production
Short lead time from order to shipment
Manufacturing only done in ISO 9003 certified fabric
All agreements is underlying Danish Law

The White Label procedure allow the Customer to chose widely from the following;

Fabric: Quality of fabric and particular, if it shall include Aloe Vera or other beneficial herbs.
Construction: Mattress with/without Top Mattress, Top Mattress loose or sewed on, Base
Inside the Mattress: Gel Memory Foam, Foam, High Density Foam, Fiber, Latex, Bonnell Springs, Pocket Springs.
Standard sizes: 90 x 200 cm / 140 x 200 m / 180 x 200 cm / 180 x 210 cm. Any size is possible.

BOC Beds often advices Customers on the most profitable and attractive construction of the beds based on the requirements of Customers end-buyers.


For further details, please contact us on info@boc-beds.dk.